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Visit and snack at the Beauregard mill in Marans

Visit and snack at the Beauregard mill in Marans

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28 octobre 2018

It is a unique concept available at the Beauregard mill, located in Marans, Charente-Maritime. Every Wednesday, during the summer period and after the traditional guided visit, you can have a chance to have a snack composed of local products.

One of the remaining active mills in the Marais poitevin

the Beauregard mill in Marans in the Marais poitevin régional nature park.

the Beauregard mill in Marans.

The “visit + snack” formula seems to work because as school holiday is ending, there is no more available place. The mill in Marans can contain no more than 15 persons because of its size. Booked on the Internet or directly at the Tourism Office, the double activity has some success. Touristically, the visit of an active 17th-century mill is highly interesting. Our guide Nicolas explains us all the secrets of this building.

Active from 1628 to 1938, the Beauregard mill in Marans was one of 11 mills that were located in this city of the Marais poitevin, at the doors of the Aiguillon Bay. Being abandoned just before the second world war, it resumed its activity on the initiative of the city, which purchased and restored the mill, before putting it back into service in 2000. Since then, a miller mills wheat flour in the old-fashioned way, with wind blowing the wings.


wheat grains and mechanism of the wings of the mill in Marans in the Marais poitevin regional nature park.

wheat grains and mechanism of the wings of the mill.

This pedagogical visit, coupled with the guide’s explanations, enchants everybody, young and old. From the mechanism of the wings and the sliding roof to the sieving of the precious grains, each secret of the ancestral manufacture of flour is well explained.

The snack, a convivial moment with specialties from the Marais poitevin

After more than an hour of visit, comes the award. Under the summer warmth, it is the perfect occasion to share a glass of fresh cider (or apple juice for youngsters) and cakes from the Charente region with the whole group. Around the same table, just like during a summer camp, we exchange stroll and holidays memories. A boat tour of the Green Venice in Coulon or Arçais, a future experience of crayfishing, the discovery of the wet Marais poitevin, the Aiguillon Bay or even the Ornithological Park in Saint Hilaire la Palud: stories are told one after another in good spirit. Everyone has an opinion on how to enjoy the last days of vacation while tasting the cakes from the Charente region displaced on the table. The angelica cakes are the most successful ones. A new discover to add to your holiday memories in the Marais poitevin!

The visit of the Beauregard mill is a pedagogical and friendly activity, which is perfect for your family, at the doors of the coastal Marais poitevin and its Bay listed as a National Natural Reserve.

Don’t forget to book your tickets for all guided visits available in the Marais poitevin!


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