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Choose your accommodation for your holidays in the Marais poitevin

Choose your accommodation for your holidays in the Marais poitevin

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16 June 2018

Spending your holidays in the Marais poitevin is a true adventure. Between its wild landscapes and the quiet atmosphere prevailing here, we can only advise you to choose a holiday rental inside the Marais poitevin! You have a choice between hotels, campsites, country cottages and bed and breakfasts. Here is a brief overview of accommodations for your holidays in the Marais poitevin!

Rent your accommodation for your trip in the Marais poitevin!

The Marais Poitevin is an exceptional territory. This Natural Regional Park, stretching from the Pays de la Loire to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine regions, is one of the largest in France and provides a rare variety of landscapes to discover!

For that purpose, the villages of the Marais poitevin offer a large range of accommodations for your holidays. You can choose a country cottage for a stay in harmony with nature. You can also choose to stay in a bed and breakfast and use advices from your hosts to discover the many surprises of the Marais poitevin. Finally, you can choose to stay a campsite, or a hotel located near the villages; they are great start point for a boat ride on the canals of the Marais poitevin.

Explore the landscapes of the Marais poitevin!

Indeed, those holidays in the Marais poitevin may be an opportunity to explore this exceptional territory. You can thus experience the canals of the Green Venice in the wet marsh.

You can also explore the dry marsh, where numerous bird species live here for much of the year. The Marais poitevin is one of the most divers ecosystems in France!

Paysages du Marais poitevin

This two-part Marais poitevin is purely man-made, and your trip will surely help you knowing better about the history of this exceptional territory that Man learned how to control it!

But your trip in the Marais poitevin can also lead you to the Atlantic shore ! You could for example go for a ride around the Aiguillon Bay, a true open sky bird sanctuary. You could also visit the seaside resorts near the Aiguillon Bay such as La Faute-sur-Mer, La Tranche-sur-Mer as well as the well-known l’Aiguillon-sur-Mer!

Book your accommodation in the Marais poitevin.

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