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Places to visit in the Park

Places to visit in the Park
Maison de la meunerie site de visite situé à nieul sur l'autise dans le marais poitevin

Milling House

Nieul-sur-l'Autise (85)

Follow the miller and discover this watermill. An original visit with sound and light animation to discover the know-how of milling and life in South Vendée at the beginning of the 20th century.

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Maison de la Baie du Marais poitevin. Carrelet dans la baie de l'Aiguillon à Esnandes, commune du Marais poitevin

House of the Bay
of the Marais poitevin

Esnandes (17)

Have a relaxing day on the seashore and visit the Museum of the mussel farming, the fortified churchk or go to fish from the plaice.

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Maison du Maître de Digues à Chaillé les Marais, site de visite pour mieux comprendre le Marais poitevin

House of the
Master of the Dikes

Chaillé-le-Marais (85)

A must-see place to discover and understand the dry marsh of the Marais poitevin, its history and its landscaping, through the daily life of the Master of the Dikes.

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Maison du Marais poitevin à Coulon dans le Parc naturel régional du Marais poitevin - site de visite - exposition - boutique

House of the
Marais poitevin

Coulon (79)

A museum to discover all the secrets and the history of the Marais poitevin: exhibitions, projections, souvenir shop, activities about the traditions and the biodiversity of the Marsh.

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L'abbaye de Maillezais dans le Marais poitevin - site de visite pour découvrir l'histoire du Marais poitevin

Maillezais Abbey

Maillezais (85)

Go to the biggest animated site of the Marais poitevin.
The Saint-Peter Abbey of Maillezais welcomes you for a unique experience!

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Abbaye de Nieul-sur-l'Autise vue du ciel, site de visite du Marais poitevin

Nieul-sur-l’Autise Abbey

Nieul-sur-l’Autize (85)

Innovating technologies are used to explain the history of this royal abbey. Take your time as you walk through its history, cross one by one the bridges of the centuries and learn the life of monks in the Middle Age.

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L'abbaye royale de Saint-Michel-en-l'Herm, dans le Marais poitevin

Royal Abbey

Saint-Michel-en-l’Herm (85)

11 centuries of history in open air. A 7th-century-old Benedictine with a rich and tormented history, thanks to the dewatering work of the surrounding marshes.

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Le site de la Briqueterie à La Grève-sur-Migon dans le Marais poitevin vu du ciel

The Brickyard

La Grève-sur-Mignon (17)

From the Marsh to the brick! Watch the journey of clay and the history of this exceptional heritage site.

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Le Château de Terre Neuve à Fontenay-le-Comte dans le Marais poitevin où résida Georges Simenon, le père du commissaire Maigret

Castle of Terre Neuve

Fontenay-le-Comte (85)

A gem of the Renaissance period in Vendée, with a lot of famous hosts during its history, such as the Duke of Sully, Agrippa d’Aubigné or Georges Simenon.

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Le donjon médiéval de Niort dans le Marais poitevin - L'un des donjons jumeaux les plus beaux de France


Niort (79)

Go inside this heart of rock for 1000 years of history…

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