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Parc naturel régional du Marais Poitevin

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The Blog, continue the experience

The Blog, continue the experience

Between land and sea, the Marais poitevin is a unique and timeless destination that will reveal astonishing natural and architectural beauties.

Valeurs parc naturel régional

Parc naturel régional values

The brand “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” is a recognized brand that is committed to the development of the territory and the preservation of local products. Deployed by the Marais poitevin regional natural park, it offers visitors, tourists and consumers a collective and supportive approach, ensuring structuring effects for sustainable development.

Les actions du Parc naturel régional

Website of the Parc naturel regional management

Labelized in May 2014, The Parc naturel régional is a sustainable project driven toward the preservation and valorisation of its patrimony.