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The Marais poitevin by bike

The Marais poitevin by bike

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13 May 2018

Visiting the Marais poitevin by boat is a must see to discover the region. But for those who prefer dry land, there is a nice alternative: bicycle! There are also lots of places to rent a bike, so that you can explore the Marais poitevin.

The Marais poitevin  by bike: 850 kilometres of bicycle paths

Promenade vélo de Coulon à la Garette

Family on bike.

The Marais poitevin Regional Natural Park do its best to develop boat trips on the thousands of canals that make up the region by marking those waterways you will discover during your day in a boat. And since it’s a flat territory, it’s also good in terms of bike ride, accessible to everyone.

That is why 850 kilometres of bicycle paths have been created in the whole Park to facilitate your journey in this incredible natural area. The bicycle paths of the Marais poitevin can be downloaded and transferred to your mobile phone on the website ignrando.fr



Some ideas for a ride:


A large number of small paths crossing the marsh also have the advantage of not being too busy. You will find yourself in the wild quietness of nature.

Don’t worry however, there is little chance of getting lost because those paths are meticulously and discreetly marked, so that nature is not denatured. The best for a return to the basics.

What cycling tour to choose in the Marais poitevin?

Even though the routes have been marked, it is still a god idea to bring a map if you’d like to follow a particular route.

For a 15-kilometer ride without any problem, we advise you to ride along the Canal of Luçon, from the “Portes du Chapitre” – a hydraulic work – to the former Luçon‘s harbour. We have seen vast landscapes and observed the ongoing traditions in this pleasant countryside.

For wilderness lovers who prefer a shorter ride (8.4 kms), we advise you to start from the “Portes du Chapitre” to reach the Brault Bridge. The huge polders bordering your route will give you the impression to be in a desert of greenery.

Touristes à vélo à l'écluse du Brault à Marans

For an afternoon ride, it is also possible to follow the marked routes that form a loop, allowing you to discover the Marais Poitevin by coming back to your starting point at the end of the day. It’s a pleasant way to discover the Marais poitevin by bike which, in addition to being beautiful, has the advantage of being flat! That makes the bike ride accessible to everyone, especially children.

For more experienced riders, the Marais poitevin Regional Nature Park is the host of two long-distance cycling routes that will allow you to have a great overview of the Marsh.

The first one is the Vélodyssée®, which connects Norway to Portugal through a 1400-kilometer European cycle route. Find more information on the website: lavelodyssee.com.

The second one, shorter but still pleasant, is the Vélo Francette®, which connect Ouistreham (in the Calvados department) to La Rochelle while crossing the Marais poitevin from Niort to the Aiguillon Bay

But the best solution for you to enjoy a great overview of the Marais poitevin is without any doubt to mix boat trips with bike rides. You can rent a boat early in the day and navigate on the canals, then take a bike and follow the bicycle routes of the Marais poitevin, and thus combine all the sensations and discoveries.

Book your bike for a ride in the Marais poitevin.



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