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The Marais poitevin by boat

The Marais poitevin by boat

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04 April 2018

To discover the wonders of the Marais poitevin by boat, go to one of the jetties along the thousands of canals crossing this area filled with ecologically rich natural environments! Along the waterways spreading across the Marais poitevin Regional Natural Park, you may be surprised about the presence of wildlife here.

conche bordée de frenes tetards, paysage typique du marais poitevin

And it’s naturally inside a traditional flat bottom boat that we are carried on the waterways of this green cathedral to discover again.

For sportsmen, the Marais poitevin is navigable by canoe, but also on certain portions of the Sèvre niortaise river preferably by electric powerboat.

Héron cendré dans le Marais poitevin

Regardless the type of boat, the Marais poitevin is not only a spectacular scenery, but it also offers you the possibility to observe some of the 70 bird species that are present in this wonderful wild area. And what a joy to see a grey heron or a kingfisher taking off! This spectacle of nature surprises every time, so don’t forget your binoculars and your camera to capture this wonderful scenery.


Navigate freely in the Marais poitevin

You can travel the Marais poitevin by going to a jetty and renting a flat boat, or even by using your own boat if you are lucky.

Whether you are alone, with your family or your friends, you choose how to navigate on the canals of the Marais poitevin.

The boatmen will be more than happy to recommend you the routes and advise those who want to discover the Marais poitevin at their own pace, with just the company of the neighbouring fauna and flora. Don’t be afraid to get lost, signs will help you find your way in the Marsh.

Let the flow of water guide you

In order to get all the subtleties of this incredible natural heritage with all its secrets, don’t miss the chance of having a boatman who, while rowing and operating the boat, will share his knowledge of the region with you. The best part of this guided boat tour in the Marais poitevin is fire on water.

balade en barque marais poitevin : le feu sur l'eau

It’s a natural phenomenon of flames coming out of water. Our guides will be more than happy to show you this act safely. We are not going to spoil the surprise with explanations, but this is a must-see event!

Logo qualité tourisme

There are more than 20 jetties that can offer you boat trips with or without guide. Four of them are labelled “Qualité Tourisme”, a national brand ensuring quality service: the jetty Prada in Coulon, Cardinaud in Magné, les écluses de Bazoin in La Ronde, l’embarcadère du Parc ornithologique in Saint Hilaire la Palud, Venise Verte Evasion in Sansais-La Garette.


Some of them have received the Valeurs Parc naturel régional mark, a mark witch is based on 3 major points: the environment, the human dimension and the local: the jetty Les écluses de Bazoin in La Ronde, the ornithological park in Saint Hilaire la Palud, the jetty of the Abbey in Maillezais et that of the Venise Verte in Mazeau: you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Whether you choose to have a guide or not for your boat trip – there is no bad option, both alternatives are great and have their own special charm – it would be better to start from a jetty in the morning; that way, you can have a picnic halt on the banks. Or you can start your trip in the end of the afternoon, because the lights are more beautiful at that period of time and reveal at best the gorgeous colours of the Marais poitevin. Make sure, however, that the banks where you will moor are not private!

So, don’t hesitate to stop by a jetty of the Marais poitevin to go into an exceptional trip in the heart of a beautiful territory. Please notice that you can rent boats or guided tours at jetties online to anticipate at best this unique moment.


Find a jetty in the Marais poitevin

To help you find a jetty in the Marais poitevin, here are below a few useful links:

Book your boat trip in the Marais poitevin.

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