End of July

Feast of the Dung & Festi’Bouz

Fête de la bouse & Festi'Bouz, fête de la vie rurale à Triaize dans le Marais poitevin

Come at the end of July to this unusual celebration of rural life and old professions: Feast of the Dung and Festi’Bouz

  • Old-fashioned way of making butter and rope,
  • Old-fashioned way of creating dung (for heating and grills),
  • Harvesting and threshing in the past,
  • Exhibition of old tractors,
  • Demonstration of “bâton sautou” (jumping sticks) and straw bales throwing,
  • Mini-farm.

Artisanal animations, antique fairs, popular ball, country dinner, fireworks.

FESTI’BOUZ : free open air concert on Saturday night to start the festivities.

More information by email:  foyer.triaize@wanadoo.fr

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