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Sea kayaking to discover the Aiguillon Bay

Sea kayaking to discover the Aiguillon Bay

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30 September 2018

Whether you are with your family or your friends, water activities in the Marais poitevin are numerous. After furrowing the Green Venice with a pigouille pole during a boat trip, there is nothing better than a little walk on the sea shore and the Aiguillon Bay to enjoy new aquatic experiences. The sailing club of La Tranche-sur-Mer proposes to holidaymakers to take control of a sea kayak. Now boarding!

A variety of activities to try

It is high season for a seaside resort in Vendée like La Tranche-sur-Mer. The number of cars parked on the Maupas car park is indeed a good indicator. 30 cents for 15 minutes, that is the price if you don’t want to be too far from the central beach and the jetty. It is the starting point of cruises between islands to the islands of Aix, Oléron, , but also Fort Boyard or even La Rochelle by boat.

With a good weather comes a lot of holidaymakers. We can hear English, German and Spanish around us. Let’s just say we were right booking early. Today is sea kayak. After getting information, kayak rental is done at the “Point Plage”. It is difficult not see it, it is the last cabin before the beach. Affiliated with the French Sailing Federation, the sailing club of La Tranche proposes nautical equipment rental, but also supervised initiations to windsurfing, kitesurf, catamaran (or optimist), surf or even paddle.

Rental of sea kayaks in the Marais Poitevin Regional Nature Park

Rental of sea kayaks.

Learning the basics of kayak in the Marais poitevin

Before boarding, those who wish to have a swimsuit and a life jacket can ask to the employees (compulsory for children). The first paddle strokes confirm the stability of the boat, few chances to turn over unless voluntarily. For more safety, we have been asked to be kept in view, between the jetty and the tip of the public baths or several hundreds of metres. Well enough to enjoy the ride and realise that ripples can make you seasick when you stop paddling for too long. Just when you get away from the shore and have the feeling of being alone in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that it is time to come back. If the first part of the ride pushes you to fully use your arms so that you stay in control, the return part is much easier. Nearly without giving a single paddle stroke, letting the waves carry you. Five minutes before scheduled time, we arrive on the mainland. No more lapping or swell, it is way more stable.

Sea kayaking hike in the bay of Aiguillon in the Marais poitevin Regional Nature Park

Sea kayaking hike in the bay of Aiguillon.

Kayaking is an ideal calm and relaxing activity for a boat ride, where everybody can go self-paced and enjoy in a different and original way a beach day and holidays in the Marais poitevin Regional Nature Park. For less reckless people, the traditional boat or canoe ride are very nice ways to discover the richness of this territory and take time to visit it.

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