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Download our map of the Marais poitevin

Download our map of the Marais poitevin

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07 March 2022

Are you planning a visit or a trip in the Marais poitevin? The Park and the tourist offices provide a tourist map so that you can carefully discover the green and wild stretches of the Marais poitevin! Download our tourist map of the Marais poitevin and go discover our natural treasures!

Go discover an exceptional site with our map of the Marais poitevin


With your map of the Marais poitevin, you will be able to discover the richness of this unique territory in France. Between the South part of Vendée and the North part of Charente-Maritime, between the Coast of Vendée and the department of Deux-Sèvres, there are hundreds of kilometres of hiking paths, bike paths and waterways in the Marais poitevin waiting for you.

Your getaways inside the Marais poitevin Regional Natural Park will lead you to numerous villages such as Coulon, the capital city of the Green Venice, Arçais, in the heart of the wet marsh and La Garette, a typical village of the Marsh. So many places that you will find in your map of the Marais poitevin.


Visit the Marais poitevin with your map!

Download the map of the Marais poitevin

One of the many specificities of the Marais poitevin lies in its diversity of landscapes, especially between the dry marsh and the wet marsh. Indeed, between the Middle-Ages and the mid- 20th century, men shaped the territory of the Marais poitevin and pushed back the ocean, liberating cultivable lands and digging canals to let water irrigate the fields. Over the centuries, men and natural elements have sculpted the landscapes of the Marais poitevin; you can now visit them with the help of your map!

Rent a boat and go discover the Green Venice! Ride your bike and use the bike paths of the dry marsh. Visit the villages of the Marais poitevin and stroll in great places to live, far away from the urban agitation and close to the nature.


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