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The Marais poitevin, a top tourist destination

The Marais poitevin, a top tourist destination

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28 April 2021

The Marais poitevin, a highly appreciated tourist destination

 The Marais poitevin Regional Nature Park is a tourist destination in its own right. Every year, 1,400,000 visitors come to explore this region that’s one of a kind:

  • largest wetland on the Atlantic coast,
  • 8,200km of waterways,
  • 1,000km of dykes,
  • 594 hydraulic structures,
  • 330 bird species,
  • 750 plant species.
Dry marshes

Dry marshes

It is also a real patchwork of scenery with:

  • Aiguillon Bay and the coast, where freshwater meets the salty ocean,
  • The dry marshes and the Lay valley stretching to infinity,
  • The wet marshes and Green Venice, a fragile marriage of water and vegetation.

No wonder the region has been rewarded with 3 quality labels, no less!

An ocean beach

An ocean beach

The ultimate nature destination

Despite being such a tourist attraction, by playing its cards right the Marais poitevin has succeeded in meeting the new expectations of customers in search of nature and the great outdoors, with soft travel modes such as boats and bicycles, to get away from the very busy holiday spots…

Wooden planking in the wet marshes - cycle path

Wooden planking in the wet marshes – cycle path

A visitors’ guide inspired by water

The Marais poitevin Regional Nature Park has published a 32-page magazine that showcases the natural riches and heritage gems of this beautiful region with so many facets, each of them different but all influenced by water. The magazine invites you to take the time to explore on foot, by bike or by boat, and perhaps stop at the port of Charron to try “bouchot” tidewater mussels.

Download the magazine.

In short, it’s packed with suggestions to help you tailor your perfect holiday!

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