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Baludik, your connected partner for your trips in the Marais poitevin

Baludik, your connected partner for your trips in the Marais poitevin

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13 August 2019

Do you think you know everything about the Poitevin Marsh, every part of it, from Niort to La Tranche-sur-Mer? Now, thanks to new technologies, you can. The Natural Regional Park of the Poitevin Marsh has just created a new type of trip where, thanks to the app Baludik, you can discover the Marais poitevin in a playful and unique way.

How does Baludik work?

Launch of the Baludik app, let's go for an hour of hunt for clues in the Natural Regional Park of the Marais poitevin!

Launch of the Baludik app, let’s go for an hour of hunt for clues!

Available on the App Store as well as on Google Play for free, the Baludik app is a new connected tool which accompanies the whole family during the trips. To start the hunt for clues, you just have to scan the QR Code of the trip that you can find either on the dedicated page or on the spot. The route becomes a true paper chase which brings you step by step thanks to the clues disseminated along the route. When you arrive at a checkpoint, you unlock enriched content and information about the place you are.


The app Baludik, a playful and learning tool, brings an added value to the traditional family trip along the canals and the shores of the Sèvre River by turning it into a true treasure hunt and allows you to discover off-road secret places!

The Baludik app for trips in the Poitevin Marsh

Baludik is a good partner for trips and provides the possibility to discover the Marais poitevin in a unique way for all family trip lovers. You learn while enjoying the omnipresent nature, its calm and tranquillity. A lovely program for a good time to share. Starting from Coulon, the capital city of the Green Venice, two different trips are available. The first route, lasting one hour and made of six steps, makes you discover Coulon in a different way. Entitled “La Sèvre niortaise vous conte” – The Sèvre niortaise River tells you – it is an ideal trip for those who want to discover with their family this typical village of the Marais poitevin and its rich heritage, across the River which made it famous.

the butcher in boat on the Sèvre niortaise serving his customers in Coulon (coll. Max Menard Niort) in the Natural Regional Park of the Marais poitevin

the butcher in boat on the Sèvre niortaise serving his customers in Coulon (coll. Max Menard Niort)

Baludik, a family outing in the Natural Regional Park of the Marais poitevin

Baludik, a family outing!

The second route, complementary to the first one, also starts from Coulon, labelled as “Petite Cité de Caractère”, and is entitled “La tournée d’Alphonse à vélo” – Alphonse’s ride – and is a cycle track as its name implies. 11 kilometres of track inside the marsh and the canals between Coulon and La Garette. The flat landform and  the shaded route, protected from motor vehicles, are perfect for a family trip. You follow Alphonse, an inhabitant from the marshes, during his round in the 1930s. But what did he bring? Just find out…

Seen as alternatives to the simple trip or stroll, the routes available in the heart of the Marais poitevin are invitations to discover the historical and natural heritage of this exceptional place. The app Baludik is perfect for a family activity and offers a complementary look at the traditional hikes and bike rides while learning and having fun!

From Niort to the South Vendée shore, Baludik also offers numerous playful trips available online on the local tourist offices. You can thus follow the steps of some historical figures or iconic animals of the Marais poitevin in Luçon, Fontenay-le-Comte, La Tranche-sur-Mer, etc.


Don’t hesitate to book your tickets if you want to discover the riches of the Marais poitevin during a donkey ride or for a boat trip or to visit a castle!

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