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When the Marais poitevin defies the senses of influencers

When the Marais poitevin defies the senses of influencers

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01 June 2021

The Marais poitevin, a top tourist destination

The Marais poitevin proposes all sorts of ways for holidaymakers to explore, not just boat trips, but also by canoe or paddleboard, on foot, by bike or even in a horse-drawn carriage or a hot-air balloon. There are also museums to visit as well as the Park information centres, reserves, châteaux and castles. In other words, there’s something for everyone! But how can we let you know about this wide range of attractions? By calling upon the influencers, but not just anyone!!! Our three bloggers are among the Top 10 most followed “travel” influencers in France:


The Marais poitevin, a blogger’s playground!

They spent 3 days here to explore the region, discover its tourist attractions and rise to a challenge: “Defy your senses in the Marais poitevin”. They had no idea what was in store for them and the programme was revealed one step at a time. Their day-to-day travels took the form of a treasure hunt, riddles, charades, rebuses and other challenges to put their five senses on alert. They went exploring the Marais poitevin by bike, by boat, on horseback and even in a hot-air balloon… the means of locomotion didn’t matter, as long as they kept moving, stage by stage. Their grand finale was a shared experience that also involved solving clues: an escape game, naturally!

Exploration of the Marais poitevin, the gentle way, by our influencers

Exploration of the Marais poitevin, the gentle way, by our influencers

Challenge met for our 3 bloggers!

Having met the challenge hands down, the influencers invite us to relive their adventure with these videos:

World Else :

Clo & Clem :

Little Gypsy :

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