The brand “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” in the Marais poitevin

The brand “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” in the Marais poitevin

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13 March 2019

Whatever the activity you do – a boat trip with your family or your friends, a hike or a bike ride – it is possible that you have seen here and there this new logo: Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional. As a national label developed since 2017 in the Marais poitevin, it brings together more and more providers that volunteer to promote the heritage, the knowledge and the services provided in the Marais poitevin. Focus on this one of a kind label.

Honey marked "Valeurs Parc naturel régional"

Honey marked “Valeurs Parc naturel régional”

What is the label “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional”?

Launched on 2nd June 2016 by the Federation of Regional Natural Parks of France, this label reflects an approach of responsible and reasoned consumption and tourism. On the whole territory, in the 56 natural parks located in France, more than 2,000 companies have decided to join it.

The objective of this label is twofold:

– allow the companies located inside a Park to make a commitment to collective and supportive initiatives, which guarantee structuring effects for sustainable development.

offer a legible, unique and uniform label bringing an additional guarantee (notably in terms of quality measures) for people who care about responsible consumption.

The label is linked to 3 values of the Parks:

It shows an attachment to the territory: the providers contribute to the development of the territory and strive to let you know more about the Park through their services and products, which promote local and cultural heritage through its history, its architecture, its landscape…It asserts a commitment to the environment and contributes toward strengthening its richness: providers strive to maintain natural environments, fauna and flora. Moreover, they are involved on maintaining the quality of landscapes specific to each Park’s territory.It cultivates a string human dimension: the man’s know-how, role and control are essential in the manufacturing process, the providers share their passion and rely on a solidarity shared inside the territory.

Locally promoted by the parks, the label promotes companies that work for the development of the territory while respecting natural and cultural resources. What is really important in the context of this label, which is both a landmark for our rides inside the Marais poitevin and a sure guarantee of quality, is that it corresponds to products and services with strong  commitment values. A closer examination of the label shows that, in order to get it, voluntary providers and companies are required to meet strict and eco-friendly specifications. Engaged in the protection and promotion of local landscapes and the environment, they act on a daily basis to offer responsible tourism.

Accommodation marked "Valeurs Parc naturel régional"

Accommodation marked “Valeurs Parc naturel régional”

The label “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” in the Marais poitevin

As is the case with the other French Regional Natural Parks, it is common to have labelled services during a boat trip on the channels of the Green Venice, by bike or during a stroll on the marked hiking paths. In 2019, just two years after the launch of this initiative, 76 local structures, including 23 tourist accommodations, have already been labelled incliding le Hameau de Sainte Megrine. From the honey producer to the beef meat producer, the local expertise is thus recognised by professionals who are committed to the enhancement of the Marais poitevin while preserving the environment and the biodiversity. Bound with the territory of the Marsh, the professionals’ commitment to protect and preserve the natural environment and their human dimension make them responsible actors of a qualitative and accessible tourism.

Find all the providers of the Marais poitevin with the label “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional.


From Niort to La Tranche-sur-Mer, from the canals of Coulon and the Green Venice to the Atlantic Ocean, the landscapes of the Marais poitevin offer a unique natural heritage. Contributing to this authentic spirit and acting for both the tourism development and the protection of those natural environments, the different companies that are labelled “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” are all lovers and perfect ambassadors of the Marais poitevin.



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