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The brand Accueil Vélo in the Marais poitevin

The brand Accueil Vélo in the Marais poitevin

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04 October 2019

The national brand Accueil Vélo guarantees a high quality experience on cycle routes in the Marais poitevin. During your cycle rides to discover the various landscapes of the Green Venice of the shores of South Vendée, you can have what you and your bike need to enjoy any halt.

What is the brand Accueil Vélo?

pictogram accueil velo

Pictogram Accueil Vélo

Just stop a few minutes on the docks of Coulon or along the Aiguillon Bay and you will see biking is popular in the Marais poitevin Regional Nature Park. Admittedly the territory is perfect for trips with your family or friends. The landscapes present just a few slopes and the numerous bike paths and other white roads allow you to pedal in complete peace. In an effort to offer a qualitative welcome to enthusiasts and tourists, the brand Accueil Vélo is a true guarantee of quality. It gathers different types of providers: bike rental, tourist accommodation, bike repair, tourist office, touristic sites including river ports – and restaurants can qualify for that brand.

 The provider just has to be less than five kilometres away from a secure, marked cycle route and must provide services and equipment for all cyclists and their bike (bicycle shelter, repair, wash, information and advices on the routes, etc.).

The branded institutions are identifiable thanks to an Accueil Vélo logo placed on the entrance and on the Internet, on the cycling route maps and represented by the presence of a small green icon.


Numerous Accueil Vélo providers accompany you in the Marais poitevin

With numerous bicycle routes spreading over the whole Marais poitevin, including the Vélo Francette route that will take you from Niort to the Atlantic Ocean, the territory is perfect for a bike ride. There are in the Marais poitevin regional Nature Regional Park, 84 providers with the brand Accueil Vélo: 13 tourist offices, 9 visitation sites (including the jetties of the Green Venice), 6 bike rentals, 3 hotel restaurants, 9 hotels, 1 collective accommodation, 18 camp sites, 15 guest houses and 10 furnished accommodations.

The house of the dike master labeled  Accueil Vélo

The house of the dike master labeled Accueil Vélo

The presence of the Accueil Vélo brand in the Marais poitevin is a sign of a local desire to provide tourists and visitors with quality services. The branded structures are enhanced for the quality of their services and provide cyclists with adapted services and a warm welcome. The Marais poitevin is a natural site known for its the eco-tourism and the preservation of its natural and historical heritage and it is the perfect place for a bike tour while enjoying the quietness of the landscapes.

There are numerous bike routes around the Marais poitevin. From Niort to La Tranche-sur-Mer, including Coulon and Fontenay-le-Comte, several landscapes succeed each other over the kilometres. For a fresh halt during your trip, you can choose a boat trip on the numerous channels or a hike on the roads and trails.

All about the brand Accueil Vélo.



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